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High pure 1,4-dioxane is the high-tech product in Jiangsu Province and major new product of China

Nantong Weilai Chemical CO., LTD.
Nantong Weilai Chemical CO., LTD.
Asia's largest imidacloprid intermediate production enterprise will be the new high efficiency pesticide intermediate project.

Yancheng City Zhi Da Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the important foreign trade port of China - Yancheng, the largest production enterprise of 2- chloro -5- chloromethyl pyridine, the largest imidacloprid intermediate in Asia. Recently, in order to open up the market and increase market share, the company has made a new product 2, 3- two chloride -5- three fluoromethyl pyridine and 2- ammethyl -3- chloride -5- three fluoromethyl pyridine. The annual output of the project is 1500 tons and 1000 tons respectively. The former is the middle body of pioparopine, fluopamine and fluidireidum, the latter is the synthesis of fluopirlamine. After the completion of the project, Chi Da chemical will become the largest manufacturer of such products in the country.
The annual output of the company's main product, 2- chloro -5- chloromethyl pyridine (2-chloro-chloromethylpyridine, CCMP), is 3500 tons. This product is the key intermediate for the production of a new type of high efficiency nicotinic pesticide imidacloprid. In recent years, the company has invested a lot of funds to improve the original production process of CCMP. At present, the company's annual output of 3500 tons CCMP has adopted the most advanced production equipment, greatly improving the production yield and reducing the process waste water, thus reducing the production cost and environmental pressure, improving the production and market share of the products. The main advantages of its production are as follows:
1 production equipment
The company has excellent performance and powerful power in all aspects of production, such as equipment and electrical appliances, so as to save costs and improve efficiency for the company. The main equipment is full of high efficiency and advanced equipment produced by well-known foreign manufacturers. The company has installed a series of safety facilities such as combustible (toxic) gas alarm, video surveillance and automation control, which increases the sense of safety of workers and improves work efficiency. The electrical equipment of the project mainly includes the high voltage distribution system, the power distribution system, the lighting system, the lightning protection grounding system, the anti static touch ball installed in each workshop, the warehouse and the tank area, and the cross static grounding is installed between the flanges, which lays a solid foundation for the safety production and the efficient production.
2 wastewater treatment
The waste water produced in this project strictly carries out the principle of "cleaning and diverting the pollution and diverting the rain and dirty water". The steam condensate is used as the irrigation water for the ground and equipment, part of which is used as the spray water in the tank area, part of it used for green water and the rest is used as the supplementary water for circulating cooling water. After the collection of high acrylonitrile wastewater from the project, the effluent was treated by the "alkali solution tank" device. The effluent was treated with high salt wastewater and high boiling point organic wastewater. The effluent was treated with the "high salt wastewater regulation pool + three effect evaporator". The effluent and other process wastewater, waste gas absorption liquid, ground flushing water, and summer tank area were used. Sprinkler water, analytical chemical chamber wastewater and initial rainwater are mixed and treated by a comprehensive sewage treatment unit with capacity of 60 tons / day. After treatment, the treatment is discharged to the sewage treatment plant.
3 waste gas treatment
2- chlorine -5- chloromethyl pyridine project exhaust gas is treated by "two grade diesel absorption + three grade alkali absorption + 1 active carbon adsorption" through 25 meters high altitude. The waste gas produced in the process of sewage pretreatment is treated by "first grade water spray absorption + first grade activated carbon adsorption" after the collection of waste gas containing toluene, methyl methamidamide, chlorobenzene and ammonia The exhaust gas is discharged through the exhaust cylinder of not less than 25 meters high.
4 waste disposal
The classified packaging of hazardous waste produced by the project is stored in the warehouse of hazardous waste, and the hazardous waste stored in the storage has taken measures such as anti wetting, anti leakage and so on. If a certain quantity is to be reached, qualified units should be treated innocuous.
Since its creation, Zhi Da chemical has been actively engaged in the development and collection of new and old products and the research and development of domestic and foreign markets, in order to master the latest developments in products and markets as the source of production and import and export trade, and always adhere to the business purpose of "high quality products, competitive prices and satisfactory services".
After a long and steady development, the company has established its own long-term partners and production and processing bases in foreign countries, and with its high quality product quality and good customer goodwill, the products are sold to more than 40 countries and regions, and have established long-term stable agency and cooperation relations with wholesalers and end customers around the world. Suppliers, traders and end users have built a broad and solid bridge. (World agro network)

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