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Latest market quotations for pesticides and intermediates

1 domestic market market monitoring of raw drugs and intermediates
After the national day, the market changed greatly, and the store gradually started and the volume increased. With the development of the environmental protection situation and the low level of inventory, the price of raw materials and intermediates in the market has increased substantially, resulting in an increase in the market.
In the field of herbicides, the price of glyphosate manufacturer is rapidly rising, the manufacturer is not willing to pick up the list, the crude drug stock is tight and the price is strong. The price of the original drug, the original drug of sulfadiazone, the original drug of the nitramosonoxone, and the bimonsulon are up to be raised, the other kinds of herbicides, the manufacturers plan to drive The market is stable and the overall inventory is low.
Insecticide, nicotine products stock low stock, quotations up-regulated, chlorpyrifos original drug, phoxim manufacturers to raise quotations, keep high; abamectin series products are tight, up-regulated quotations, the supply of pyrifirone, fluonitrile, and other supplies are still tense, high price.
The varieties of fungicides and intermediates are relatively stable, but with the decrease of stocks, some products are in short supply. Although the manufacturers are planning to drive the production step by step, the environmental tension still restricts the release of the market capacity. In the later period, we need to pay attention to the influence of the factory driving time on the market.
This week, international crude oil prices have increased, such as basic raw materials, such as three benzene, propylene series, phenol ketone, etc, all rebounded, low market stock, part of the supply caused by the main reason; in the middle of the environment, the impact of the environmental situation, factory start rate reduced, leading to the spread of the situation, the market rebound signs of rebound signs Initially, with the increase in the number of crude drug manufacturers driving, the impact of these factors will gradually appear.
2 main market analysis and future market forecast
2.1 insecticide
This week, the series of Abamectin and methamamin benzoate continue to remain high. The manufacturer's stock is low, the delivery is tight, the abamectin fine powder is reported to about 420 thousand yuan / ton. But the manufacturer is not easy to pick up the single, amamamidin benzoate is up to 620 thousand yuan / ton, and the factory parking maintenance can not be released. The supply is tense.
The price of nicotine products is high, the stock is low, the export order is the main, the market price of imidacloprid is up to 100 thousand yuan / ton, the acetamidine original medicine is up to 95 thousand yuan / ton, the bid of thiamidine is at the high of 80 thousand yuan / ton, no stock, and the allimidamine original medicine is 128 thousand yuan / ton, but the demand is weak, but the stock is also low.
In the field of pyrethroid, the upper reaches of the MMA and aether low level, although the price is expected, but the downstream parking and repair factory is more home, the market is disadvantaged, the high performance cyhalothrin original medicine is 138 thousand yuan / ton, the biphenythrin original 173 thousand yuan / ton, the perchlorobenzene oil down to 30 thousand yuan / ton, and the later chrysanthemum ester products are factory Driving enthusiasm is low, but still needs to digest inventory.
Organophosphorus products, ethyl chlorides are up to 16 thousand yuan / tonnes, leading to the up-regulated price of chlorpyrifos and phoxim at the end of last month, 26 thousand yuan per ton of chlorpyrifos original drug, 25 thousand yuan per ton of phoxim original medicine, and a more concentrated capacity of malathion original medicine, and a stable price of 17 thousand and 500 yuan / ton.
Fipronil is currently in low stock, rising to 400 thousand yuan / ton. This drug is still tense, and its price is about 130 thousand yuan / ton. The original drug of spiralacyl ester was 132 thousand yuan / ton; the stock of acarzole original medicine was low, the price rose and reported to 290 thousand yuan / ton; the stock of brominitrile crude drug was low, the price was 180 thousand yuan / ton; the propargite original medicine was more than 38 thousand yuan / ton, and it was expected to rise.
2.2 herbicide
This week glyphosate raw drug manufacturers continue to maintain high level, around 19 thousand and 500 yuan / ton, environmental factors are the main reason for manufacturers to raise prices. The price of raw ammonium phosphate is reduced by inventory, the current price is stable at 118 thousand yuan / ton, and the supply of goods is tight. The stock is low, the price is up to 32 thousand yuan / ton, and the export is the main. The fluoxamethoxamide is also affected by the export factors, and the upstream intermediate increases greatly, so the price is up to 90 thousand yuan / ton.
In the field of herbicides in corn field, it is affected by the tension of intermediates. The original medicine of the original medicine of the original medicine of the bimononusulphon was up to 168 thousand yuan / ton, and the original drug of nitramononone was reported to 123 thousand yuan / ton, and atrazine was maintained at about 18 thousand yuan / ton.
Amides herbicides are stable, 24 thousand and 500 yuan per ton, 24 thousand yuan per ton of propropamide original medicine, 35 thousand and 500 yuan per ton of propionic original medicine and 20 thousand yuan per ton of acetochlor original medicine, and the manufacturer is based on receivables, and the price of light storage is not given. The quotations of aniline and MEA in the middle body of the upper middle body are the key to the market. Key factors.
This week, oxyfluoroxy ether supply is still tight, priced at 128 thousand yuan / ton. The demand for export of crude drugs is generally stable, and the price is stable at 120 thousand yuan / ton. Two methylene chloride, 2 a 4 chlorine sodium salt and other products, the end of the drug season, two amyl, 47 thousand yuan per ton, 2 a 4 chlorine sodium salt supply tension, 19 thousand yuan / ton, market stock low. The benzothiazide is currently maintaining a price of 55 thousand yuan / ton, which is waiting for the manufacturer's policy. The supply of cyanofflux is still limited due to the limited supply of upstream intermediates, and the market price is 190 thousand yuan / ton. The original medicine of ququprazine was down to 138 thousand yuan / ton, and the medicine of Songyuan was down to 66 thousand yuan / ton, and the pine water agent fell to 26 thousand yuan per ton, and the market was not much. The herbicide market has gradually expanded

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